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Team Building Events & Activities

Team Building Activities & Company Motivation. Renew company spirit & inspire team bonding with risk-free team building custom events. Let employees discover their potential in a creative, non-threatening manner accomplishing your team-building goals.


Let Dial M Team Building Los Angeles renew your team building company spirit and inspire team bonding and team motivation. Our team building events create a risk-free environment where people learn team-building "theory through practice", discovering their team potential in a creative, non-threatening manner. Teams will start to experience and recognize the benefits of a group that bonds together to accomplish a team-building goal.


With our wide variety of team building activities. We will provide ways to "break the ice"  with team building fun games and activities. At Dial M Productions Team Building we will give your staff the perfect opportunity to get to know and bond with their teammates, de-stress, improve team performance while focusing on the company's team building goals. Setting aside a couple of hours for a team building event will give employees an effective way to build a sense of team community, belonging to a team, and will improve team building relationships within the workplace.  Through different activities, the employees will learn how to relate to their team, work with teammates, which can be applicable to their work experiences. Our team building activities, corporate team building picnic sports games, team building game shows, drum circles for teams, and murder mystery team building dinners will build management skills and develop team-building traits as we provide activities to encourage team bonding, communication, leadership, and listening.


Dial M Team Building is well-known for working with large groups. Our services are located in Los Angeles  California, Las Vegas, and Nevada. 

Team Building
Game Shows 
Longest Chain Game Show Set 3.jpeg


Family Feud, Jeopardy, Trivia Mania and our own, Longest Chain Game Show are just some of our popular team building events. Team Building Game Shows are a fantastic way to get teams bonded with the light-hearted team to team competition. Our "60 Seconds to Success" is based on the popular Minute To Win It televisions show. 60-second team building challenges where team members compete in head-to-head team competition. 

Team Building
Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery Whodunnit Dial M.JPG


A Dial M Team Building Murder Mystery Dinner is the perfect team building activity to add to your team building dinner and conference.  Dial M Murder Mystery is the well-known team building murder mystery company that incorporates a team building "Whodunnit" into your company lunch, dinner or meeting. Our "Team Building Motivational Guest Speakers" will arrive at your function and before you know it, teams will be working together to solve the crimes.

Team Building
Culinary Cooking Activities
cupcake wars team building Culinary Chal


Team cooking events are our custom team building culinary cooking programs. We design team bonding cooking activities such as;  cupcake wars, salsa wars, chili cook-offs, and build your own team building buffet. Team cooking is a wonderful way to bond teams together in a fun and friendly team building atmosphere. We designed this team building activity to enforce restructuring teams, team support, creativity, and the goal to complete each task. It's fun and tasty!


Team Building
Picnic Games
Team Building Workshops
Team Building
Drum Circles
Survivor Team Building Games Dial M Team Building

PICNIC GAMES & BEACH GAMES ​Corporate team building company beach and picnic events are a great way to get outside of the office to interact in a social team bonding situation. We have the beach and picnic games that are suitable for all ages and abilities. Team Building relay races, tug-a-war, 3 legged sack races, build a sand castle... all of the most popular picnic and beach games. For a more hearty competition, we have Survivor Team Building Games - similar to the T.V. Survivor Game Show. 

Team building Activities Team Bonding Workshop Dial M



Our team building workshops will get your teams on their feet and focused on learning new tools for team building success. Everyone will participate in these team building activities while interacting with our Dial M Team Bonding Facilitators. We will design this team building workshop to suit your company's team goals. We have many great team building, leadership activities that build the strength of a team while enforcing communication team building skills. 

Team building drum circle DialM


Dial M Team Building Drum Circles will energize your teams immediately with our team bonding drum circle activities. Watch and listen as teams become part of the group, bonding with their teams to create their own team building drum circle. We provide all the equipment and our own expert Team Building Drum Circle Facilitators. We have worked with small team building groups and very large, 300 participant team building groups. Get your teams motivated with a team building drum circle. 

OUR GOAL... Our team building activities build management skills, develop teamwork, teach team building communication and listening skills while renewing company spirit and motivation. Our team building workshops create a risk-free environment where people learn "theory through practice", discovering their potential in a creative, non-threatening way. To ensure that participants become fully involved in teamwork, communication, and creative problem solving while having a great time together!

After a short time, there will be a noticeable change in the mood and outlook of the participants. They will start to experience the benefits of a group that bands together to accomplish a goal. This will unfold naturally, as one of the basic tenets of our team building activities is that they are taught in a non-evaluating atmosphere, where elements of trust, support, and communication are emphasized. And in the process, they'll be having an enormous amount of fun!

Meet our Artistic Director, Jesse March 

Northern California division of private parties, events, and team-building activities

Jesse Phillips March Dial M Artistic Director.jpg

Jesse received his Master of Fine Arts from Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from The California Institute of the Arts (Calarts). Jesse, a native of Los Angeles, has been a theater artist for twenty-plus years, often performing internationally (Mexico, Scotland, England, Indonesia, France, and more).


His work has been critically acclaimed as a “Tour de force”, “So close to perfection that it’s difficult to write a review”, and “Hilarious”. Times Standard


Jesse has a special love for empowering others. He specializes in hosting Game Shows, leading Team- Building Activities, and helping others to develop team communication skills. For more information about Jesse March

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