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Our Team Building Coaches will lead your teams through fun, interactive sports Survivor style beach games.  We have a wide variety of creative, playful games that will make you laugh as you engage in friendly competition. Most of our games do not require running. If you would like to have some strenuous sports activities, just let us know. We select the type of games to be played based on the ages and abilities of the participants. You can decide in advance if you would like to keep all of the teams playing with the winning team being the team who won the most events, or an elimination event with 2 teams competing in the finals leading to one grand champion. 

COACHES: Our Coaches are the game coordinators who know how to instruct, referee, and coach their teams to win. Dial M Coaches will motivate your teams and keep the team-spirit active. We create a fast, fun-paced environment where everyone is encouraged to have fun with teamwork.


GAMES: We provide a wide variety of Survivor games such as relay races, sack races, tug a war, water relay, close pin tag, obstacle course, custom relay races, build a sandcastle, water balloon toss, and much more! 


TEAM BUILDING SPORTS GAMES: Dial M will provide a custom-designed activity for your group that will include a wide variety of Survivor-style sports games. Some of our games include relay races, sack races, tug of war, tortilla toss, hula hoop relay, water races, water relay, close pin tag, obstacle course, custom relay races, relay races where no running is required, build a sandcastle, and much more! The games are based on your group’s average age and length of event time. 

WE PROVIDE: All props, games, cones, ropes, sandcastle tools, megaphones or sound system, colored leis to designate teams, award ribbons, and all sports equipment. You provide the location, food, and beverages as needed. 

A good team building exercise creates positive interaction among a group of people and in doing so enhances their ability to work effectively as a team when they return to the workplace. Everyone in a group becomes more comfortable when they are familiar with their teammates and aware of their group dynamics. Allowing people to work together in a playful environment will build trust within the team. Team building can be fun!




Dear Peggy, I have been wanting to write you a note to let you know how wonderful the event was - largely due to you and your team. Thank you so much for your ideas, guidance and hands-on interaction with the planning stages. It was really great to work with a professional such as yourself who understands the "corporate culture" and turn what would have been a typical corporate function into something really special and memorable. Thanks again, Peggy. I look forward to working with you in the future. 

Best Regards

Susan Tarde Director, Human Resources American Express Business Services 


Hi Peggy! I have seen the pictures and heard all the comments, and we did good!! Just wanted to touch bases. Thanks for making our event a fun and active picnic.

Karen Campbell

Wilshire Home Entertainment


Your team did a great job with our team building event last week.  The activities seemed to be right to get people to loosen up and work with people that they may not have known before.  They also made people laugh and have a good time in general without too much pressure to get too far out of their comfort zones. Our overall team building goals were met. Thanks again for your services and we hope to work together again in the future.

Tom Gassman- NAVSEA Point Hueneme


Everyone LOVED “Minute to Win It.”  What made it really great was Jim!  He was a terrific MC.  He kept us all laughing.  Unfortunately, he called me “Cute as a button” and I’m probably going to wind up with a T-shirt for my birthday with my picture on it and the statement, “I’m cute as a button.”  Just what I want for my birthday. J  Needless to say, we all had a fantastic time.  Hopefully, everyone made it down the hill ok.

Kathy Smith- City of Big Bear

It was awesome! Thank you and your team for doing such a professional and great job! Carol Mell, PHR, Prosum Technology Services

Hi Peggy, everyone had a great time!  The MC was so funny and really kept the day moving.  The referees were really full of energy and fun!  We would definitely hire again for a corporate party! Thank you so much for everything !

Gina, CBRE

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