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Team Building Culinary Cooking Activities

Team Building Culinary Cooking Activities and Team Bonding Drum Circles are a great way to let teams bond with a social activity. When teams cook together, team bonds form, leaders emerge and the result is pretty tasty! Team Building Drum Circles allow teams to listen, communicate, lead, follow - and all without any conversation. Drum Circles are an energizing team building activity. 

We design team-bonding cooking activities such as;  cupcake wars, salsa wars, chili cook-offs, Mexican Fiesta, and build your own team buffet. We have events that do not require kitchens and stoves. Team cooking is a wonderful way to bond teams together in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We designed this activity to enforce team communication, support, creativity,  and team competition to complete each task and efficiently manage the allotted time. It's fun and tasty!
CULINARY CHALLENGE: The challenge is determined by the goals we set with you for this event. The challenges selected will be based on the facility where we will be hosting the event, the length of time allowed for this team-building activity, and your budget for the food supplies. 
MENU: The menu can be very simple to extravagant. Some menu options are a complete Buffet Meal (appetizer, salad, entree, side dishes, dessert, and signature cocktail), Chili Cook-Off,  Salsa Contest, CupCake Wars, Cake Wars, Pasta Wars, Fondue Fun, Wine Blending, and Signature Cocktails.
TEAM BUILDING: In addition to the culinary challenge, we will include our Team Building Coaches. We are not chefs here to teach you how to cook. We're here to give you the tools to create the menu items as a team. This event is not just about what you cook, but how you work as a team. We have a pantry full of items, but you must be able to purchase these delicious ingredients by working as a team. We do not give you recipes. We rely on you, as a team, to create your recipe. And we promise to include surprises, from time to time, that will make you restructure your team and solve the problems. Watch teammate's step in to cover for another teammate. You'll see them delegate their responsibility to another member of the team. At times they will need to step out of their comfort level to meet their team needs. It's all fast-paced and very exciting as Dial M Productions keeps your groups focused on team food preparation. 

SCORING: Teams will have to work together to perform all tasks on time. Time management is a must! A combined score of the tasting, commercial, billboard, teamwork, and a clean working station will give us our champion team for the day.


DIAL M FACILITATORS: In addition to providing the Culinary Program, we can provide one Facilitator for each team. Our Facilitators will assist the teams with their time management, supervise the workstations, offer food instruction and follow through with the team building goals we have designed for your group.



Culinary Cooking Team Building Event GES


DINNER (This involves the most food preparation and will be the most expensive.)

Each team will make an appetizer, salad, entree, side dish, a dessert and signature cocktail. If we have large teams we can have them make additional side dishes or entrees. Each team will eat the food their team prepared for dinner.

MENU: Once we know if the facility will allow us to cook on-site or not, we will design a menu for your group. Price will also be a factor in designing the menu.

BUFFET (Each team contributes to the buffet.)

Each team will be given one dish to prepare: an appetizer, salad, entree, side dish, a dessert or signature cocktail. All teams will dine from the same buffet eating food prepared by all of the teams.

MENU: Once we know if the venue will allow us to cook on-site or not, we will design a menu for your group. Price will also be a factor in designing the menu.

Cupcake Wars 3 Culinary Challenge DIALM.


Salsa Challenge 
Teams are given the same ingredients. Their challenge is to create one bowl of salsa to enter into the competition. We include a pantry of additional items.

Chili Cook-Off 
Teams are given the same ingredients. All meats have been previously cooked. Their challenge is to create one pot of chili, with the recipe, to enter into the competition. We include a pantry of additional items.


Pasta Wars 
Teams make fresh pasta, ravioli, 
and tortellini from scratch. We can have a cooking station for the pasta to be boiled, or send the prepared pasta to the Hotel kitchen and have their chef cook the pasta. Ingredients for the filling can be non-cooked or pre-cooked.


Cupcake Wars 
We provide cooked cakes for the team to decorate. Each team designs one cake to represent their team to be judged by the panel.

Thank you, Peggy. The pictures are so fun, and I thought the program was a great success! The RAs had a wonderful time and were really proud of themselves for creating such great food! You and Jerry were very fun, friendly, and supportive, and we really appreciated all your help in planning and putting on this event.
Thanks again and take care, Amanda

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What is a Drum Circle?

This is an exciting team bonding experience. Drumming is proven to relieve stress, simultaneously building bonds between those who play together.  The drum circle is a completely interactive form of entertainment. It encourages community, leadership skills, expression, risk-taking, and teamwork. This event is guaranteed to be an energetic experience for all.

How does it work?

Our team building drum facilitators will lead your teams through fun interactive rhythms, teaching them how to become familiar with their instruments, listen, communicate and work together.  We bring all kinds of exotic instruments such as; drums, bells, shakers, flutes, tambourines, and many other percussion instruments from around the world. This will be a group drumming experience that will last approximately 2 hours. By the time we are finished, everyone will have experienced the magical energy of music played together.


Each team will work together to create their own original musical masterpiece that will be shared with the entire group, leading to a finale with everyone participating as one large drum circle.

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